STAHLS' is the world's leading manufacturer of equipment and materials for heat transfer textile printing.


Founded in 1932

The family business has been managed by the Stahl family for 80 years. In the third generation, Ted Stahl continues to traditionally focus on its customers with all their wishes and requirements. And as wishes and possibilities change, we continue to keep up with the times and exhaust the possibilities of technology for our customers in order to offer them the best equipment and materials available on the market.


The beginnings

In the 1930s, on the other hand, everything began with a simple hand punch, which was used to punch out numbers and letters from felt material to label sportswear. Nobody could have imagined at the time that this idea would lay the foundation for a multinational corporation. The small punching shop enjoyed rapid growth and by 1940 it was one of the largest felt press shops in the USA.


Post-war era

After 1945, STAHLS' searched for ways to simplify the application of punched numbers and letters to sportswear. The company began to experiment with adhesives and its innovative spirit paid off. The resulting heat-sealing adhesive was patented and still forms the basis for many of STAHLS' materials today. With this advanced method, it was possible for the first time to apply numbers and letters directly to the textile using heat in a single operation without having to sew them over in a later step.



This method quickly established itself throughout the USA. Over time, the product range became more and more comprehensive. Encouraged by the success in their own country, they decided to market the products worldwide. Subsidiaries were established in Europe, Canada and Australia. STAHLS' European subsidiary in Germany, based in Dillingen/Saar, was established in 1980 - STAHLS' Europe GmbH.



Another milestone in the history of STAHLS' was the year 1986, when the company began to manufacture its own heat presses. Since STAHLS' was founded, the demands of the textile processing industry have risen continuously due to new products and increasing automation. In order to keep pace with these developments, STAHLS' decided to design a machine especially for the needs of heat textile printing - Hotronix® was founded.


The future

Today STAHLS' heat presses are indispensable in the field of heat printing. Perseverance, innovative ideas, continuous product optimisation and customer orientation made STAHLS' a dynamically growing company. The greatest value has always been placed on the quality and ease of use of the products. Convince yourself and experience first hand why we are leading in our field, so that companies from all over the world rely on our products and enjoy our professional service!